Scholarships For Single Moms – Ideas For Financial Aid For College Education

The improvement of technology has allowed moms to get back to school through online education. But more importantly, the internet has also allowed single mothers to find financial assistance for their education. This setting is perfect for busy moms as they can dictate the pace of their education while receiving financial assistance for learning.

The following are ideas for single moms who want to go back to school:

• Online business opportunities – the rise of work-at-home jobs has been very significant for the past few years because of the internet. There are home-based opportunities wherein a person can be employed because of their skills. Some can also start a small business online and use the earnings to fund their education.

• Online scholarships – universities and colleges often provide scholarship opportunities to deserving students. Most, if not all, online colleges also accept federal and non-government college grants. This is often considered by regular students and moms should also consider this opportunity because these grants can provide sizable amount for the education.

• Visit the school for additional opportunities – if the online school also has a physical set-up (actual structure); it’s also a good idea to visit the school to learn more about different free federal grants. Information related to scholarship grants should be available in their finance office.

• Be creative in finding opportunities – sometimes, an opportunity is not necessarily based on jobs in the internet or scholarship grants found in the internet. Look for offline opportunities such as local grants or even a small business that you can start in your neighborhood.

Don’t let yourself be pulled back to get the education you need simply because you don’t have money. Opportunities in the internet and in your local community exist to help you go back to school and finish college.

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Help Fund a Loved One’s Education

For parents or grandparents, there are few things in life more important than funding for a loved one’s college education.

Throughout the years, folks have selected mutual funds as the primary vehicle when saving for college costs. Although there are many variations of mutual fund based plans-from the traditional brokerage account to the newer 529 plans; there is even a Education IRA that is popular as well. The latter plans were developed so that a person could save for college, using after tax money and based upon the underlying mutual funds, the person could enjoy tax-deferred savings

A lot of the financial press has been dedicated to promoting the virtues of these savings vehicles from the standpoint that college costs are rising faster than inflation and a family needs to accelerate their savings using these types of plans. However, hidden in the fine print was the unfortunate realization that these types of vehicles could, in fact, lose money! How many families were shocked when their hard-earned money evaporated when the stock market declined 35% decline in the S&P 500 Index from 2000-2002-only to have it go down another 46% decline from October 2007- October 2008?

The problem with a lot of college planning techniques is that money is typically invested in mutual funds inside these plans and those funds are 100% at risk to loss due to stock market downturns thereby subjecting the invested money to the 46% and 35% declines listed above.

So if you can lose money in mutual funds, how do you save for college? That’s a good question and the simple answer is that “it depends”. This is a simple answer that many quality financial advisors use to determine the right solution for your needs. It is also a way to do a proper job for any potential investor-thereby not throwing the “latest and greatest” product or plan at a potential client!

Generally speaking you could have put money into a tin can for the last 18 years and had more money than investing in the market! Hmmm, let’s say that again-more money in a tin can than the market-whatever do you mean? First off, you need to start with some kind of deposit, let’s say $50,000 or the amount necessary to accumulate $50,000 in 18-years which in this case would be $231.48 per month (assumes no interest or taxes paid). Now, let’s think about your own situation, if you had put away that money-knowing full well that it’s not earning a penny-would you be happy with that? “It depends”. There he goes again with that simple phrase! If you started with $50,000 and because of the market it is now worth $25,000-then the answer is an emphatic YES! If you had $50,002.50-maybe. If it was worth $101,290.83-definitely NO! What about $79,938.88, again definitely NO!

But, how would you guaranteetin can-right? Correct! These numbers represent investing $231.48 per month for 18-years at an interest rate of 4% or depositing $50,000 into an account that pays 4% for 18-years. But where could one find a steady 4% interest rate? One place is a fixed, deferred annuity. A fixed annuity is a safe savings vehicle brought about by an insurance company. Your money earns a fixed interest rate declared by the insurance company, using not less than 3% annually. Some annuities pay a multi-year guaranteed rate of interest, which can be 4% or higher depending on the term of the plan.

Now are you ready for the good part? Wait, you are telling me that having invested $50,000 18-years ago is now worth $101,290 is not the good part? Yes. It is a very good part, but let’s get back to our original discussion about college savings. If you are a parent whose son or daughter is approaching college and much like your peer group, you have saved money in (my opinion) the wrong places-ie. Mutual funds, you are now going to be faced with another problem: Financial Aid eligibility! Without getting too much into detail, all the money that you’ve invested for their college may now go against you for financial aid purposes! However, if you had invested in a fixed annuity, do not worry because those monies are sheltered from the financial aid formulas. Now, your family (depending upon many other factors) can reasonably expect to receive some financial aid that you may not have received due to money that is open to discussion on your balance sheet!

Stephen J. Cagnassola

Wealth Protection Systems and upon distribution to the college-tax-free withdrawals!

Spread Betting Education: Introduction to Spread Betting Books

Financial spread betting is one of the most popular trading activities done all over the world, especially for those who like to do this online. It is this increase in interest and popularity that has significantly increased the number of financial bookmakers and there is no evidence that the increase will not continue.

There are a lot of benefits that traders enjoy when they are involved in financial spread betting, not to mention that there are no taxes on any of the winnings made. Of course, it is also obvious to everyone that those who do succeed in the trade enjoy great profits. However, going into the activity can be daunting and financially crippling if the one getting involved does not know anything about the system. And this is where the spread betting education comes in. it is very important to learn everything there is to know about the betting and how to avoid getting ruined in the process.

Fortunately, there are a lot of printed books available which can be bought in online bookstores like Amazon. There are books which are very simply worded that even idiots can understand the system, and then there are the more advanced books which talk about pips and candlesticks. Pips and candlesticks obviously play a big role in the betting and if the trader does not even know what they stand for, they are not going to succeed.

In order to succeed in the trading, however, books are not the only tools to use. There are also online platforms which are freely offered for those who wish to learn. However, each of these free simulated trading platforms is usually offered by different trading companies and it is important to choose the right one before going through the education.

There are also free books online which can be downloaded directly into the computer system in PDF form. Some of these are classic books which offer great insights on the system, and then there are some which talk about modern approaches.

The important thing is to get the information and get the basics before making any financial spread betting trade, online or personally using a professional trader. Without the basic information, you may end up giving over full control to a professional trader who may or may not con you. Remember, there are a lot of pseudo-professionals online who can victimize people out of their hard earned money.

Reasons Why New Students and Single Moms Can Get Financial Aid

Did you know that most people that are looking for a way to change their life are typically searching in the want ads? They’re looking for a second job or perhaps a third. The problem with this situation is that it is a never ending cycle of lack. People need to get a college education to find higher paying jobs. Here are a few reasons why single moms and students right out of high school should get financial aid and obtain their college degree.

The first reason that most students are unable to get financial aid is that they do not qualify. They may make too much money. Their parents may make too much money. They may not fall into a minority category that gives them opportunities to access special funding.

Single moms and students from low socioeconomic situations will have the benefit of being first in line when it comes to obtaining stimulus package financing from the federal government. Over $12 billion has been allocated toward the idea that more students need to be in college and educated so that the new jobs that are being created can be filled by skilled employees.

This is not to say that regular jobs are not useful. Many people work at part-time jobs that pay minimum wage and they do so because they have to. However, if you were given the ability to bypass this particular lifestyle where you no longer have to struggle and that your hourly wage was worth more than eight dollars an hour, you might take the time to look at the possibility of a free college education that could get you into a career that you would be proud of in just a few years.

Single mothers, more than anybody, are looking for some kind of help. Not a handout, but a sense that there is a short-term goal that will afford them a prosperous long-term future. They want to be better for themselves and their families. Their dedication can be seen by the fact that they are the ones taking care of their families, and their previous significant other is not. Likewise, students right out of high school that have the desired to head right into college after spending the last 13 years going to school have that inner desire to make something of themselves. These people, are the ones we want in college, and are the ones that we want filling these new positions on a long-term basis.

The reasons why new students and single moms can get financial aid is because the federal government recognizes that these people that may be in need of school financing are the ones that need to be in the classrooms and later in the work force of tomorrow.

If you are a student right out of high school, or a mother with a small family looking to make a change in your life, you need to begin the process of applying for financial aid, applying to a college that you want to attend, and start on the path toward a new and better lifestyle today.