Financial Skills For Your Teens – 3 Vital Steps That Will Help Them Become Financially Literate

If you take a close look at the school curriculum of your teen today, you will find one skill that is not taught there: Financial literacy.

Yep! They’re getting a great education. If they study hard and get good grades, straight A’s and all that stuff, they’ll probably go to college and get a good job afterwards.

And if they keep on working hard they’ll have the world at their feet, right?

Not necessarily. If your teen hasn’t learned financial skills in any point of his life, he’ll be financially dependent on that job until he retires. Just like all the rest of us who have received a good traditional education.

You see, the truth is, we haven’t been trained to be financially literate in this country. We’ve been trained to be employees.

And unless we don’t offer another option to the future generations, they will have to receive the same education we have gotten.

So what’s wrong with that? Nothing really if your vision for you and your teen’s future is depending on social security once you retire.

But what if you could learn how to successfully create passive income? And what if you could find a way to impart the necessary financial skills to your teen so he or she could become free financially?

Granted, it will take time and effort to “step out of the box,” but it is achievable. It’s really not beyond anyone’s reach.

Here are 3 vital steps you can take to start off in a new direction in your life and that of your teen:

1.- Acquire a vision for your teens life. This is where you dream. Remember, every great achievement happens because somebody dared to dream.

Consider the abilities, that unique combination of gifts and talents, that make your teen special. Look beyond academic requirements. He or she might not be a good student, but hey, Einstein flunked algebra!

2.- Determine your long term and intermediate goals. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Here is where the rubber hits the road. Lay out a plan of the specific steps you have to make with your teen to reach that goal.

3.- Search for trustworthy educational resources your teen will need. Keep in mind that developing the mindset of an entrepreneur and to successfully work independently requires a different type of education than most of us have received.

Therefore you will need good mentors. People who have already arrived where you want to go – and also have the vision of helping others get there.

Don’t follow somebody who is not living it. Hint: Success leaves traces.