5 Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Financial Education

Your financial education is extremely important especially during this time of recession, because I believe that money affects not only our financial life but the other important aspects of our life as well… family, health, work, emotions, etc.

It actually doesn’t matter if you’re making a five- or six-figure-income; what matters is how much is left with you at the end of the month and for how long you are able to keep it. If you want take control of your finances, make your money work for you, you should start not tomorrow but TODAY. You need to invest time in learning, expanding your financial education, and executing what you learn.

Here are 5 simple steps to help jumpstart your financial education:

Instead of being a couch potato, READ (actually devour) books about money and success! Read first The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles. This is to get you in the proper mindset, that there is indeed a science of getting rich, and there are people who are sharing the secrets to true wealth.

Get financial mentors – be very careful to whom you listen to because you’re more likely to end up like them. Study the rich and learn their secrets. Again, get off that couch!

Start a small business on the side – sell sandwiches, sell clothing, sell insurance, sell bags, sell vitamins, sell real estate, sell anything! Don’t stop trying even if you keep on failing. What’s important now is what you learn and not what you earn!

Set aside 3 to 4 hours a week to play CASHFLOW 101:

“CASHFLOW 101 was invented by best-selling author of the Rich Dad series, Robert Kiyosaki. It is a revolutionary, fun way to learn the basics of fundamental investing and how to take control of your personal finances, build a business through proper cash flow management, and learn how to invest with greater confidence in real estate and other businesses. It was created for the sole purpose of teaching financial literacy, elevate your financial IQ, and how to be a master of money.”

This particular game greatly helped me and continues to help me in shifting my mindset from employee to entrepreneur. It’s not that easy especially for someone like me who was an employee for more than 8 years and was ‘addicted’ to a paycheck.

Immerse yourself on seminars on money and financial success. This way, you’ll also get to meet like-minded people, and you can learn from each other.

It doesn’t matter where you start. The most important is to take a step forward. With these 5 simple steps, when do you plan to start your journey?

“You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessings.” – Andrew Jackson

Financial Skills For Your Teens – 3 Vital Steps That Will Help Them Become Financially Literate

If you take a close look at the school curriculum of your teen today, you will find one skill that is not taught there: Financial literacy.

Yep! They’re getting a great education. If they study hard and get good grades, straight A’s and all that stuff, they’ll probably go to college and get a good job afterwards.

And if they keep on working hard they’ll have the world at their feet, right?

Not necessarily. If your teen hasn’t learned financial skills in any point of his life, he’ll be financially dependent on that job until he retires. Just like all the rest of us who have received a good traditional education.

You see, the truth is, we haven’t been trained to be financially literate in this country. We’ve been trained to be employees.

And unless we don’t offer another option to the future generations, they will have to receive the same education we have gotten.

So what’s wrong with that? Nothing really if your vision for you and your teen’s future is depending on social security once you retire.

But what if you could learn how to successfully create passive income? And what if you could find a way to impart the necessary financial skills to your teen so he or she could become free financially?

Granted, it will take time and effort to “step out of the box,” but it is achievable. It’s really not beyond anyone’s reach.

Here are 3 vital steps you can take to start off in a new direction in your life and that of your teen:

1.- Acquire a vision for your teens life. This is where you dream. Remember, every great achievement happens because somebody dared to dream.

Consider the abilities, that unique combination of gifts and talents, that make your teen special. Look beyond academic requirements. He or she might not be a good student, but hey, Einstein flunked algebra!

2.- Determine your long term and intermediate goals. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Here is where the rubber hits the road. Lay out a plan of the specific steps you have to make with your teen to reach that goal.

3.- Search for trustworthy educational resources your teen will need. Keep in mind that developing the mindset of an entrepreneur and to successfully work independently requires a different type of education than most of us have received.

Therefore you will need good mentors. People who have already arrived where you want to go – and also have the vision of helping others get there.

Don’t follow somebody who is not living it. Hint: Success leaves traces.

Free Education Guide Benefits

Have you ever seen the many offers online for a free education guide and wondered what they are about? A good quality guides can be very useful to students, parents guardians or anyone wishing to find a school that they could attend and any financial aid.

Here are 10 major benefits of complimenting your research with a downloadable education guide.

1. Large Number of Schools
Be sure to download a guide that has detailed information on at least 1,900 schools and colleges. Also, make sure the guide is downloadable as a pdf file for later review and searching.

2. Step By Step Instructions on Financial Aid.
Government Financial Aid is available. Be sure you can get Step by Step instructions on how to obtain Federal grants; with information on FAFSA, Pell and Stafford Grants as well as other details on obtaining financial aid.

3. Automated Geographic Matching
By entering in your geographic location or preferences along with your areas of interest you should be able to be matched automatically to schools in these areas offering your vocation or choice of study.

4. No Need to Travel or Browse Brochures.
When researching schools, you want to use your mouse, not your wallet and not too much of your time. A high quality guide will provide detailed information on all the schools in the guide; including contact information, addresses, curriculi, subjects offered, teacher bios, fees etc. There is no need to go through hundreds of web sites or review copious numbers of brochures, a high quality guide has all the information in one place.

5. Zero Cost to Student
Do not pay for your guide. The guides are sponsored by schools and colleges and there should be zero cost to the person downloading the guide.

6. Comprehensive Information and Options
A quality guide provides enough information to evaluate a wide variety of options; from top notch colleges to colleges of lesser prestige, a student should get numerous options to choose from. Comprehensive details about every college covered is contained in these guide. Detailed Information such as the address, contact numbers and contact people, subjects on offer and where applicable the specialty of the institution all contained in one place.

7. Find the Right School or Colleges
A good guide will help you pinpoint by geographical location nearby schools or colleges that offer the subject or vocations of your choice and eliminate your need to search through college after college to find a match.

8. Personal Contact
Another great advantage over traditional research; Schools and Colleges in the guide will actually call students back to assist the students in determining whether there is a fit and provide guidance on financial aid and/or grants.

9. A Great Resource for Parents
By having your research information consolidated into a guide can greatly help in the sharing of information with parents, guardians or counselors; simply share the guide as opposed to trying to share tons of information in different formats and places etc.

10. Continuous Updates
What happens when things change. Again having all your research consolidated and performed by a third party ensures that you can be kept abreast of changes get year over year updates.

University Financial Aid For Our Economy’s Health

A college degree can take more than study hours and great effort from us. College education can be a central concern in our lives if we do not have the money to pay for it. To make things a little easier on us, the federal government has a university financial aid policy to help aspiring students to get their degree for free.

If you search the Internet, you will find the federal government has initiated several programs for students allowing them to continue their studies or match their educational aspirations. However certain eligibility criteria have been incorporated to select the incumbents as per the policies of these programs. In most cases, you will find that information related to the particular program is available on the website. If you happen to match the criteria, you will be asked to fill out a form. The form must give proper representations to truth and all the information provided must be accurate in order for you to stand a chance of aid.

It is really important that you apply for these grants in time, in order to have the money when you need it. You should fill in the forms providing all the required information. You can do that by mail or on the program’s website which is certainly faster. In a couple of weeks you will have news of your application.

College education broadens your horizon and sets you up for a career which becomes an earning avenue. As we progress, there is a growing need for professionals in different walks of life. This aid ensures that you only take care of your studies while the financial implications related to studies are being sorted out by the federal government. This is to spread the knowledge of education among our population and as a citizen of this country; this is bound to make you feel proud.